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Hello, I'm Stacey Tipton Reiman and I'd love to help you complete your interactive media project.Stacey and Nicolas

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I'm a web, Flash, and Flex developer with over 10 years creating websites and e-learning content. My strength is batch content creation; creating multimedia Flash files in combination with XML data files to assemble interactive content quickly and flawlessly. I make extensive use of DOS Batch files to achieve this, and have developed a repository of creative scripts to help create content quickly. I also make use of Text to Speech technology to batch create high quality MP3 audio files in a variety of languages, and I use batch scripts to convert image files such as .ai, .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp to much smaller size vector SWF image files. Developing a large library of vector images along with audio files is the key to quickly creating e-learning content.

I'm the author of several interactive software and ebook programs, such as the Insta Spanish e-learning Program, Musical Spanish, learn through pop music, Learn Spanish Verbs Fast, 101 Spanish Verbs, the Spanish Verbs Visualizer, Lessons for the Road, FSI Spanish Interactive, and Fun Kids Spanish Songs.

Why should you choose me to help with your programming needs? Simple: because you need a e-learning expert who excels in:

  1. quick and flawless batch creation of content
  2. colorful and intuitive interfaces
  3. finding creative solutions to problems

I was the main developer for the Flex Application for the Insta Spanish e-learning program, which presents over 1200 lesson activities in a colorful, fun, and engaging interface for students of all ages. The program includes the following Flash AS3 activities, all with time tracking and some with scoring for each student:

  1. image and sound hover based vocabulary learning activity
  2. picture/word memory game
  3. crossword puzzle
  4. hangman
  5. word search game
  6. drag and drop image and word activities
  7. audiovisual flashcards
  8. audio and text worksheets
  9. audiovisual quiz
  10. text and image lesson pages in SWF format
  11. downloads interface

While I did not author all of the files from scratch, I amended nearly all of them to add additional functionality, and to customize them for the Insta Spanish e-learning system. I also created all of the XML that creates the words, phrases, images, and audio for each activity in my system.

Most recently I am the author of 3 RIA (Rich Internet Application) tutorials, published on one of the leading tutorial websites, ActiveTuts.com, on the well known Envato Marketplace.

For backend solutions I have experience with PHP/MySQL, Python with MySQL and Python with Google App Engine. While I do not claim to be an expert in crafting backends, I have several extremely bright developers that I subcontract with to help with such work. My own Insta Spanish e-learning program is hosted on Google App Engine and uses XML generated by Python, while my demo application uses straight XML. I also created an Adobe Air version of my demo application, which also uses XML for the data backend.

My programming rate is $100 per hour. Depending on what you've paid before, you may find this to seem high. But keep in mind these 4 important things with regards to my rate:

  1. If I don't think I can do your project quickly, I won't take it on.
  2. You are paying me to create batch content, which means that I'll be working towards a solution that allows you to create dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of files at a time.
  3. I don't like to waste time, and won't charge you for time spent figuring out something I should already know.
  4. I deliver both final results in the form of SWF, MP3, XML files, and your Flex or Flash interface, as well as any custom DOS Batch files that will enable you to quickly create the content yourself.

Programming Languages/Experience on 1 to 5 Scale

  • DOS: 5
  • XML: 5
  • HTML: 5
  • TTS: 5
  • AS3: 4
  • Flex: 4
  • Adobe Air: 3
  • PHP: 3
  • Python: 2

I make every effort to deliver projects on time, and I answer every communication from clients as quickly as possible. Please take a look at the following links to get a better idea of the work I've done, as well as reviews from fellow programmers who have worked with me:

Project Samples:

Technical Tutorials Authored: